History of the World

The First Great War

Long ago the world was as all histories. They worshiped different gods, ate different foods, and had wars off and on. The elves where always on the island. They were first to discover magic, and in many ways change the world.

Magic started a new wave of government consolidation. The city-state was quickly replaced by empires. The Danili, the first elves to discover magic, used it to unite the entire central island into one empire. The rest of the races and regions were completely unaware, since trade was maintained. Soon, the entire world feared the great Danilians. They came, they saw, they conquered. They quickly used they overwhelming sea advantage to build a unstoppable navy. This navy would live in infamy, totally destroying city ports and cutting off entire people to the needed oversea trade.

The navy would start in the Northwestern part of the world. At that time the northwestern city-states were the richest in the world. They had tall mountains and lush forests, each rich with natural resources and wonders. The elves came and using the first forms of magic sucked the life of the Northwestern forests out. This fueled there magic even more as they quickly conquered the entire area, leaving it a desert wasteland. Its government was cruel and hurt the people and its land.

All hope was not lost, for as the conquering of the Northwestern nations began, a single elven war wizard defected. His name was destroyed from any record book, but his impact was enormous. He, being thought dead, traveled to the southeast. Here the human nations were forming the first pacts of peace, and formed four distinct nations. Legend says that the War Wizard traveled to the new leaders begging them to allow him to train humans in magic. The arrogant human leaders, refused to believe in such power, and banished him from their growing lands.

Going to the last nation, and speaking to the last leader, he was banished again. Little did he realize that a young noble was listening and believed. The young man, Sir Narmada, hid the wizard away, and brought him the wisest men of his small village that he represented in the court. This men trained very hard for ten years, diligently studying magic, but this magic was different. It didn’t require those who used it to absorb life, like earlier forms, but it required simply to understand the science of objects that released small forms of magic. These young men founded the modern form of magic using special words, in old common, and using special components and movements to bring about magic.

During their ten years of study the Dwarfs united their entire continent into the longest lasting, and largest nation. This nation was not a modern type of dwarfish rule, but had many attributes of it. Each of the old city-states had a representative that stood on a council. This council had no leader but instead only acted with a unanimous vote. Though this was hard and painstaking they did began there first digs into the mountains. They hoped that by leaving the very lush surface world they could stop the elven magic. This is how the dwarfs became subterranean creatures.

Though things were far from over, the elves stopped attacking the southwestern nation. They offered the elves a deal. Give them the lush forest and minerals the northwestern nations had and they would mine all the resources willingly, for th elves. In exchange the elves allowed their nations to remain untouched. It took a full six years to come to an agreement, but the elves soon did and their mages cast one of the largest spells in history. They remade the short continent as it was soon nicknamed, due to the halflings and gnomes living there. They changed it from a starved wasteland to a thriving and beautiful paradise. Little did the elves know that the live force they had absorbed on the Northwestern continent had just been used to remake the short continent.

The Human nations were now under attack, and Sir Narmada showed the court his mages. He became honored for his wisdom in trusting the War Wizard and was immanently crowed king of the realm. With two out of four of the human nations down he lead his mages and army against the elven army. The Elven war wizards were weak but soon started creating a desert world in the southern part of the human continent. As the two armies collided the largest battle in history took place.

The Human mages proved to be far more powerful, due to not relying on life force for their spells. With the fall of the elven War Wizards the war was over, and the Human army quickly layed waste to the scared Elven Army. The elves quickly released their control of all other nations, and retreated back to their island. Sir Narmada in his wisdom, signed a peace treaty with all nations, hoping for world peace.

H3. The Second Great War

The Realm stood in peace for many years but many were angry at the Elves, who had escaped relatively unpunished. The remaining two Human nations created rich trade routes with the newly influent and powerful Halfling and Gnomish Nations. The Dwarves, following the war began a long span of isolationism. They would not be know seen for hundreds of years.

History of the World

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